“A sister is both your mirror and your opposite,” said the journalist, Elizabeth Fishel.

There it is, DUAL, which comes to life with the blending of the styles of two sisters with opposite characters!

We, Tugce and Duygu, two sisters from Istanbul, have launched Dual Fine Jewellery in London as a jewellery brand suitable for daily use, thanks to our shared passion for jewellery and our belief in the perfect harmony arising from contrasts in life.

The story of the name DUAL comes from the power of being a duo, the two pieces completing each other. Just like you complete each other with your sister or complete your dressing style with your jewellery!

With the reflection of our different characters and styles on the brand, as DUAL, we aim to appeal to many women with different styles. For our collections, we design both pieces that reveal their style at first glance and are instantly recognizable, as well as pieces that can be worn comfortably in all daily life and in any environment. In many of our products, with double stones, double colors, double materials, and double shapes, we make our designs fit our name.

Our products are made of 14K & 18K solid gold with genuine diamonds alongside of precious and semi-precious stones. Our meticulously drawn products are handmade by our experienced jewellery masters at our workshop in the Grand Bazaar, where the heart of the jewellery industry beats, in our hometown of Istanbul.

One of us (Tugce) has been working as a brand director for a world brand of Italian origin for years, and we reflect her love for Italy and Italian traditions to every stage of our brand. We use her visual vision and the experiences of her artistic side in our own brand that we have always dreamed of.

We see the business education of the other one of us (Duygu) in the USA, her work in the fields of strategy, business development and marketing in corporate companies in the USA, Istanbul and London, and the training she received on entrepreneurship as a professional touch to DUAL.

Throughout our DUAL adventure, we pay the utmost attention to quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and being an ethical and transparent brand in the entire process from the drawing stage to after-sales support. We wish you enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoyed designing them…


Tugce & Duygu